Benefit Enrollment

Offer Core and Voluntary Products as one enrollment, plus capture HSA, FSA, and other benefit options.

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Have your new client set up and ready to enroll in less than ten minutes.

It takes just four simple steps to add a new client and get them ready for employee enrollment, with convenient census uploads, custom carrier application programming, and auto-generated employee notices.

In addition, EasyAppsOnline’s user-friendly, easy to navigate, multi-lingual, and fully mobile interface makes employee enrollment easy by minimizing the data input required from the employee, and can deliver multiple pre-populated applications ready to send to carriers in a matter of minutes.

Simplified Setup Process

EasyAppsOnline has simplified the setup of complex plans with age-banding, HSA riders, GI limits, and other criteria unique to voluntary benefits. Our templates reduce redundant plan design creation while building your benefit matrix for you and converting entered rates into the employee's cost per pay period. With Class Management and Defined Contribution, you'll have all the tools you need to customize your client’s enrollment experience.

Simplified Setup Process

Enrollment History

With our historical enrollment tracking, the broker can look back historically over the group's benefit selections for comparison, and access other powerful reports.

The employee will also be able to view their plan elections and costs from the prior year to facilitate their current year enrollment.

Enrollment History

Change Reports

Employee History View

Class Support

EasyAppsOnline allows you to tailor enrollments to your client’s needs by assigning benefits by classes. This feature allows you to offer various levels of benefits to different groups of employees. You will select the benefits to be assigned to the various classes.

Next, for larger groups, use our class import template that quickly assigns all employees to their classes, or for a smaller group, you can manually assign classes to each individual. When you are finished you can export the class information into an Excel spreadsheet for review.

Defined Contribution

EasyAppsOnline is a broker’s most powerful sales tool. Our unique Defined Contribution feature increases participation across all benefits by assigning money from the employer to each benefit bucket. This enables employees to use free money to purchase a voluntary product, which creates a higher level of participation. You can create a fixed dollar amount for core and voluntary products or create a custom bucket – utilize this tool in any way that will work best for your client.

Defined Contribution

Media-Rich Product Education

EasyAppsOnline creates an employee benefit shopping experience with a media-rich environment. We allow up to three attachments per benefit and the ability to link to videos of your choosing that will visually explain the product.

EasyAppsOnline removes the confusion that often surrounds voluntary product selection by pre-calculating costs and options for the user. Our system looks at the employee’s age, salary, tobacco usage and other criteria and only displays options that match the employee's eligibility. Plus, our system shows the pre-calculated benefit amount and cost for STD and LTD products. When the employee has finished their benefit elections, we provide a benefit summary that displays their selections. This is available to the employee throughout the year, providing convenient access to their coverage information, benefit amounts, and paycheck deductions.

Media-Rich Product Education

Add Videos and Documents

Personalized Benefit Summaries